José Kozer, September 24, 2009

José Kozer is the preeminent Cuban poet of his generation and one of the most influential poets in Latin America, where his name is a household word among readers of poetry. He has published 51 books of poetry and two books of prose, and his work has been published in Mexico, Spain, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Chile. Dozens of articles and several books have been written about his work. He has been translated into English, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, and French.

“It’s the humanity of the writing (passionate and comic by turns, and always precisely referential) that predicts its lasting greatness,” wrote poet and critic Jerome Rothenberg. “A resident of America and of the world, José Kozer is a poet who works at full throttle, gives us thereby what poetry has never done before and what it has always done.”

José Kozer was the first living Cuban Diaspora poet to have a book published in Cuba. He was born in Cuba in 1940, the son of Jewish parents who migrated in the late 1920s from Poland and Czechoslovakia. He left Cuba in 1960 and lived in New York until 1997 where he was a professor of Spanish and Latin American literature and taught at Queens College for 32 years. Upon retiring, he moved to Spain and then to Florida, where he now resides.

One thought on “José Kozer, September 24, 2009

  1. Jose, are you the man that I met one day in the late 60″s, coming up the subway stairs, I going down. A momentary glance, and the beginning of a short friendship? If so I’ve thought about you, wondering where life had taken you. I had lived on barrow street, studying art at nyu, and you lived in the lower east side. Anyway, here I am in Sedona, Arizona, enjoying the beauty and painting daily. Would be fun to hear from you………Lynn

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